Welcome to finding balance – as YOU want it!


“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.” Thomas Merton

The focus of this site is to help you to stay in balance – not the “balance” that others demand of you, but the lifestyle in which you feel comfortable. Without balance, it is difficult to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones – which is my second goal for my readers and clients. If you sometimes feel off balance and close to stumbling, then you have come to the right place. If you don’t… Congratulations! (But you might want to check the next few pages, under the What is your Stumbling Block tab, just in case. Sometimes we get so used to making slow progress and encountering obstacles that we don’t even realize that, with help, we might be able to move a little faster.)

Sound like a plan?

We all stumble, one way or another. However, a stumble does not mean that we have to fall flat on our faces. IF we have a fairly good sense of balance we can usually recover without falling. If we do fall, we can quickly pick ourselves up and be on our way. Or we can stay down and feel sorry for ourselves.

Tools to keep you balanced…

My goal  is to offer you free access to tools and ideas that will, ideally, help you to keep your balance and to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I hope it will:

  • Help you to identify where you tend to stumble as you walk your life journey;
  • Seek ways to use your stumbling block as a stepping stone;
  • Suggest ways to maintain balance so that a stumble does not become a fall;
  • Show how to get up and keep going when it happens that you do fall.

It is quite likely that you can do all this yourself, which is terrific! Again – congratulations! I hope you’ll find a page to help you identify your stumbling blocks. This site includes a page on each of several issues that can become blocks to attaining balance, each having a link to a relevant Top Ten list, and an explanation of the type of coaching that might be relevant (just in case you decide you need someone to walk beside you on the journey).

More resources

You can find additional ongoing thoughts on balancing, stumbling, and stepping  are my newletter and my blog. The newsletter, “Work in Progress (Because we all are!),” will circle various areas relating to the different types of balance that we encounter – and struggle with in our lives. You can subscribe to Work in Progress by using the “subscribe” box on the right of this and other pages on this site. In addition, right here on this site is my blog, Stumbling & Stepping. It can be accessed at the menu at the top of this page, is open to all, and I hope it will appear every week or so. In the meantime, a legacy of my past writings is also included under the “blog” tag.

So,  please, explore, have fun, and let me know if I can help in any way either by email or in a free consultation phone call.

And remember, stay fabulous, and stay in balance!






(Diana Gardner Robinson, Ph.D.)
Choice Success Strategies Coaching